Patience Revisited is a collection of solitaire card games developed for the Android phone.

    This carefully chosen selection includes old favorites, pleasant diversions, and games that exercise the mind.

    We have discovered so many delightful games, that we have made it our goal to bring them to you so that you can enjoy them too !

    We hope you have as much fun playing Patience Revisited as we do.

    Main Features:

    • It's free and there are no ads
    • Includes 46 solitaire games (so far)
    • Clear, easy-to-read card images
    • Multi-level undo
    • Hints available
    • Easy one-tap move
    • Customise card backs and table background
    • Works in both portrait and landscape mode
    • Track your wins/losses/games played
    • Supported on all Android devices
    • More games will be added in each new release
    • Many customisation options
    • Full help and game rules
    • .. many more. See the full list of features
    • Also, we will add games on request!
    Klondike in progress


    You can download a copy from Android Market in your Android phone.

    If you are really keen, you can download the source from the Download page: here

    Image Gallery

    Want to see more example screens-shots? Look in the image gallery: here

    What else?

    If you have a favorite game or feature that we don't have, let us know and we will add it! Suggestions here

    If you have any issues or find any bugs, we will fix them! Support here